There’s a trans only modelling agency in L.A

By Heaps Gay Staff

TIME MAGAZINE RECENTLY DECLARED A “Transgender tipping point”. Caitlyn Jenner has brought trans women into the mainstream. Australia even has some exciting young transgender activists.

And now, it seems, transgender people are making a dent in perhaps the most difficult industry to crack for anybody that doesn’t adhere to overly rigorous and narrow standards of beauty: fashion.

Apple Model Management, an agency from Thailand, has opened an office in Los Angeles.

“We see trans individuals as beautiful [and] our strong commitment to developing them as successful models is never about quantifying or qualifying their gender,” said Cecilio Asuncion, the agency’s director.

apple models 2

Asuncion went on to say that trans models have, as yet, been unable to make a big enough impact because of stigma about their gender and sexuality.

“This has to change,” he demanded.

Transgender models have, to be fair, started to make an impact in fashion – see Australian model Andreja Pejic, for example.

Okay, Aussie fashion industry: where you at?

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