The Keep Sydney Open protest was awesome – especially the signs

By James Branson

So I’ve just gotten back from marching with around 15,000 people from Belmore park to Hyde Park to protest the NSW government’s absolutely mental nanny state laws.

You know, the ones that have completely destroyed our nightlife, are making it harder for artists and musicians to survive, that have seen nightlife jobs for students go down the drain and that have reduced a once-fun night in our city to dinner at Grandma’s.

The march was inspiring and angry – but completely peaceful, even though we have reason to be very, very pissed off.

And, of course, the people of Sydney absolutely nailed their signs, so I thought instead of banging on about how important protesting the current nanny state is, I’d just let you rejoice in our community’s creative use of signage.

Well done, Sydney (be warned – puns ahead).

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