The 20 Best Photo’s From The Last Year Of Heaps Gay

By Sam Eacott

To celebrate Heaps Gay turning 4 we’ve been looking through our photo archives for some of the best photos of the last 12 months or so! Check them out below!


The courtyard for The Kaleidoscope (Heaps Gay x Vivid Live) from June at the Factory Theatre. This spot was magic, check out this video by Kritty! 


Heaps Hallowed just the other week! Adam’s Apple brought the Rainbow Babadook to life on the Red Rattler stage.


Pewka Zilla at In Bloom, a celebration of trans and gender non-binary artists at 107 Projects supported by LUSH. Catch Pewka at Heaps Gay’s 4th Birthday DJing in the Party Gazebo.


Remember that time we partied in the Victoria’s State Library? Habits killed their set! This is one of our all time favourites.


Radha La Bia at the Protugal Madeira Club last year! Stunning content.


NYE at the Imperial was huge!!! Magda’s always bring the pop goodness and this photo perfectly encapsulates the night.


Akashic’s first appearance at the Heaps Gay House Warehouse party! That space was amazing.


Gaff E at the Street Party – we’re on for 2018 baby, we’re too excited!


Melbourne’s Bahdoesa were so amazing at Pardi Gras 2017.


Post Heaps Gay x Retrosweat float at Mardi Gras! So much love for lycra.


This no context photo from the Car Park Party featuring Dileepa Dayananda is everything.


Marlena Dalí at The Kaleidoscope! Balloon outfits are the 2018 look.


Heaps Gay x Yummy.


Sydney sign at the Masqueerade for Sydney Fringe!!


Yaya (Matt Grant) at the Masqueerade was something to talk about.


Full gang on display for Heaps Gay x Vivid at the Factory Theatre! #magicmoments


TOTES GAY WAS TOTES GREAT! Miss all these lovely bags.


Oh Betty, how are you so amazing?


Sunset at the STREET PARTY!


Wundersaft <3

More favourite photos to come this Saturday at the Heaps Gay 4th B’day!! We’re taking over the Portuguese Club in Marrickville – music and performance from Kween G, Clypso, Glamouratz, Haiku Hands, Marion Cranes, Mowgli May, Charlie Villas, Keep It Disco, Estee Louder, Betty Grumble, Nicola, Kiralee Tiana and many more. Check out the event!  November 18 from 1pm, get your birthday suit on.

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