By Samuel Leighton-Dore

Another day, another fear-mongering Texan Republican warning society of the terrifying implications of a non-existant “gay agenda”. With same-sex marriage finally legalised nationally in the United States, Dr. Steven Hotz (who clearly has major unresolved daddy issues) believes members of the LGBTQI community now have their eyes firmly set on introducing another legislation into parliament.

Legalising paedophilia.

Right. Because, you know, we’ve already managed to unravel the very social fabric of American society by saying “I do” at the altar – there’s no bloody stopping us now!

Dr. Hotz, who is the leader of Conservative Republicans of Texas (sounds about fucking right), this week claimed the ‘pro-homosexual’ movement “want to pervert this society”.

“If they have their way… they will put you in jail and they will fine you. Paedophilia is the next point. They’re going to come down and change that law.” He said.

Look, this is hardly an original concept. Unintelligent middle-Americans have been making sensationalist claims of links between homosexuality and sexual abuse since the dawn of time. Billionaire Texan Farris Wilks, who recently donated a massive $15 million to caucus-winning Republican candidate Ted Cruz, preached in one sermon last year that, “If we all  took on this lifestyle, all humanity would perish in one generation. So this lifestyle is a predatorial lifestyle in that they need our children and straight people having kids to fulfill their sexual habits.”

“They can’t do it by themselves. They want your children – but we’re in a war for our children,” he said.

“So what will you teach your children? A strong family is the last defense.”

While it goes without saying that statements like these are incredibly prehistoric, damaging, offensively misinformed, ignorant, and hateful in nature, the lines drawn so recurrently between homosexuality and paedophilia seem to keep popping up in the weakening attacks of Bible-bashers and extreme conservatives alike.

Even Northern-beaches mummy blogger Mia Freedman (who consistently claims to be an LGBTQI ally) was forced into manic defense-mode after stupidly comparing the biological elements of same-sex attraction to that of paedophiles during a segment on The Project last year.

“We accept that gay people can’t change who they love and who they’re sexually attracted to, so why do we think that people who are sexually attracted to children can be rehabilitated?” she said.

As is too often the case with anti-equality crusaders, this gross misinformation is rooted in the cherry-picking of decade-old statistics, horrendously biased studies, curious paraphrasing, and reporting statements out of context.

Dr. Kurt Freund of the Clark Institute of Psychiatry in Toronto, where hundreds of child-molestors have been sent for treatment and analysis, has spent years writing on the subject – and being subsequently misquoted by throngs of anti-gay conspiracy theorists. Interestingly, one of his most significant findings thus far has been the chronic misuse of the word “homosexuality” in the reporting of child abuse. In fact, his studies suggest that heterosexual men are more likely to be attracted to underage boys than their queer counterparts – and that such abuse can surprisingly have very little to do with the criminal’s sexual orientation.

Obviously this is a pretty big idea for super narrow minds to digest.

An example of the resulting manipulation of fact can be found at the Family Research Council, a Christian anti-gay political advocacy group in the U.S., where Dr. Timothy Dailey quoted one of Dr. Freund’s papers, stating: “199 offenders against female children and 96 offenders against male children. This would indicate a proportional prevalence of 32% of homosexual offenders against children.”

However, he completely omitted the following point made by Dr. Freund in the very same paper, which said: “Androphiles [homosexuals in adult orientation] actually responded significantly less to the male children.”

Another member of Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, then released a statement saying: “While pro-homosexual activists like to claim that paedophilia  is a completely distinct orientation from homosexuality, evidence shows a disproportionate overlap between the two.”


For rebuttal, please enter Dr. Carol Jenny, the director of the Child Advocacy and Protection Team at Denver’s Childrens Hospital. After she and her colleagues reviewed 269 cases of child sexual abuse in Denver, of the 50 male children – 74% of them were molested by men who had been in heterosexual  relationships with one of the child’s relatives. Only one of the predators could be identified as gay. Dr. Jenny concluded that – at the very worst case scenario – only 3.1% of child sexual abuse cases were done by gay men.


Yes, all paedos are absolutely fucked in the head.

But no, you homo-hating imbeciles, most of them aren’t fucking gay.

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