Your Queer Netflix Binge

By Isabella Cornell

Sydney is in for some rainy AF weather over the next seven days so we’ve done the hard yards and curated your queer binge watching bucket list for some rained in nights at home. All available on AUSTRALIAN Netflix, so no more nights missing out on all the juicy American only Netflix picks.

Growing Up Coy

This beautiful documentary is more relevant than ever in the wake of Trump era debate of American Transgender Bathroom Laws. Focused on 6-year-old Coy and her family, thrust into the spotlight at the centre of the landmark transgender civil rights case. This documentary shows us the implications of what America’s bathroom laws have on the real people who are affected.


This show, featuring a full cast of scrappy but lovable characters, provides us with a gay male storyline from the beginning. Far from killing your gays, this show embraces this as a focal point of the shows development and makes all of us fall in love with Micky and Ian. But it doesn’t stop there! The past few seasons have been sprinkled with some recurring lesbian relationships, and not to give away too much, but by the most recent season we definitely have a full blown poly relationship like it aint even a thing.

Please like me

Australia’s golden boy Josh Thomas never fails to impress. Over the three seasons of the show we see Josh come out and take us on the often hilarious, awkward and raw journey of fucking, friends, relationships, mental health and messy families.


Michael Straczynski and the Wachowski siblings’ project for Netflix is lightly put… a queer masterpiece. Its queerness as a show is loudly announced in its first episode as one of our lead cast of characters brandishes a rainbow-coloured dildo after some fresh lady on lady sex. These explicit queer storylines of love and identity told through Nomi a trans woman, and Lito, a gay man, are coupled with much subtler queer subtexts which include telepathic orgies…. The shows creators have described all their characters as pansexual, because… who wouldn’t love a telepathic orgy?


This Netflix series enlightens us with the portrayal of a whole spectrum of relationships. But mostly, we’re just here for the very cute love story of awkward early dating in Vegan Cinderella. Its’ first few scenes are how we all wish it went down when we went home with someone for the first time…

Blue is the Warmest Colour

Having this pick on the list is not exactly a revelation, but why not use the rainy weather and whoever’s Netflix account you mooch off, as an excuse to revisit this absolutely beautiful classic.

Boy Meets Girl

One of the few movies about the trans experience, actually played by a trans actress. Filmed and set in a rural Kentucky town, the story follows Ricky (played by Michelle Hendley) and Robby (played by Michael Welch, Twilight Series) who have been friends since they were 6-years-old. With Robby embodying the epitome of a small town American car mechanic, and Ricky a trans girl dreaming of being a fashion designer, what could in any other context be a clichéd rom com, finds a way to subvert these tropes to become a sex-positive love story that crosses all gender lines.

In addition to all your Netflix favourites, SBS On Demand has just launched their QUEER BINGE playlist. With too many gems to list here, we will let you check it out yourself- When We Rise is definitely a top pick.

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