Midsumma Festival Presents CROSSFADE

By Isabella Cornell

Midsumma Festival Presents CROSSFADE at the Melba Spiegeltent! Described as a “stirring, sensual dance piece that takes the audience on a journey of expression, and commands the destruction of gender inequality”- this performance is set to explore the complexities of identity construction through collaborative exploration into “dress ups, gender, transgression, the roles we assume and those thrust upon us.”

Originally devised through a residency at The Judith Wright Centre Of Contemporary Art, and presented at the New Globe Theatre in Brisbane March 2015 by Jessi Lewis and AnA Wojak, this iteration of CROSSFADE is being re-worked within an intensive structure comprised of only five days, giving it a sense of immediacy and authenticity in its exploration of binaries and non-binaries for its Melbourne audiences.

The extensive cast representing a vast cross section of art and culture boasts Bryan Smith, Lily Fish, Miss Fit, Joshua Coles-Braun, Jessaeme St James, Jessi Lewis, Timothy Treasure and Kiki Targe, who are also joined each week by some of Melbourne’s most subversive performers including Kindred Suprise, Frankie Valentine, Bobby Dear and Richard Behayve.

This innovative performance whereby garments not only represent constantly evolving/devolving definitive roles, but also become the basis from which a performance is created, is sure to be a must-see this Midsumma Festival.

Showing from 19 Jan – 4 Feb.

Book your tickets here.

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