Heaps EnGayged: Sam and Mon

By Isabella Cornell

We loveeeee love, so with a little help from our friends at the Australian Marriage Equality Campaign, we’re catching up with some beaut couples about their loves and how equality would affect them and the community- Stay tuned! And if you want us to feature you, send us an email, kat@heapsgay.com.

Meet Sam & Mon! These lovely ladies aren’t engaged but are dreaming of being allowed to get married.

How did you meet?

S: Mardi Gras, 2012, on Oxford Street. Mon was checking me out (my very loud friend wasn’t shy in pointing out). We got to talking, and ended up heading to a bar together. She asked me to dance, and kissed me on the dance floor. Her dance moves were impressive!

M: Mardi Gras 2012. It was the Friday night and I was heading to a club with friends when I saw the finest slice of all time. Lucky for me, the friend Sam was with is really outgoing and caught me in the act, so called out after us. I didn’t waste much time after that.

Why is marriage important to you?

S: Marriage is a commitment between two people in love. I want to make that commitment, and receive that from Mon.

M: Marriage equality is about living in an impartial society where we all have equal opportunity. It is also crucial for the mental health of gay people and new generations with gay parents. Without marriage equality, we are promoting bullying.

Has it always been important for you?

S: Absolutely. I think most young girls imagine their special day, right?

M: No. I never thought about marriage growing up, and it has only become important to me from my mid 20’s. Not having the option to marry in the country we love really is unjustified.

How does not being able to get married make you feel?

S: Angry. Upset. Disappointed. Disheartened. Unfair. Discriminated against.

M: More than anything, I feel confused by it. It’s too ridiculous to be true.

If you could get married today what would you do?


M: Celebrate!

What traditions do you plan to stick with when you do get married? What do you plan to do away with?

S: I want to be given away by my Dad, and have a father daughter dance. Mon doesn’t want to walk down the aisle or wear a dress. Our day won’t be religious at all, and we definitely won’t be married in a church.

M: Let’s face it – that will be up to Sam. But definitely, nothing religious.

Something fun?

S: Something funny – On one of our first dates, I was SO nervous and drank too much wine…. The night ended early, and I vomited in my hair. I was horrified. But, she stuck around!

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This interview was in collaboration with our friends at the Australian Marriage Equality Campaign.

To find out more about their work, visit their website here.

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