Heaps EnGayged: Gwen and Megan

By Isabella Cornell

We loveeeee love, so with a little help from our friends at the Australian Marriage Equality Campaign, we’re catching up with some beaut couples about their loves and how equality would affect them and the community- Stay tuned! And if you want us to feature you, send us an email, kat@heapsgay.com.

Meet Gwen and Megan!

How did you meet?

We met in Byron Bay through work as both of our careers involved travel. We hit it off straight away and became best friends immediately. The rest came from there and nearly 5 years later, we’re still best mates, partners and even business partners.

Why is marriage important to you?

It’s important to us because quite simply, we believe in equality. And if a heterosexual couple can stand in front of their family and friends and declare their commitment to each other (and have all the full protection, rights and legalitys that come with it) we should be able to do the same.

It’s important to both of us that we actively make it a point to show each other that we’re both 100 percent dedicated to our relationship. We regularly have date nights where we surprise each other with plans, leave little love notes, all the cheesey stuff that reminds the other that they are a priority. That our relationship is a priority. Getting married is the strongest act we can make and we’re perpetually waiting on some random politicians to decide what’s appropriate for our relationship.

Has it always been important for you?

Marriage has been important to both of us in that it’s the lifelong commitment we want to make to each other. Obviously we both know we’re commited to each other but there’s something so much more solidifying when it’s done as a marriage. It’s also important to us to celebrate that commitment with our friends and family.

How does not being able to get married make you feel?

We both feel as though we aren’t given the same opportunities as anyone else may be and that we consistently need to explain our relationship in terms of who we are to each other. As we are both business partners and actual partners. It’s be so much clearer to introduce each other as ‘my wife.’ We’re always mistaken for sisters, friends, etc.

We live our lives just as everyone else, pay the same taxes, etc It’s devestating that we don’t get the same rights. It’s also frustrating to hear people say that ‘defacto is the same thing though’ when legally, it’s really not. Just as anyone who values their relationship and loves their partner can make that commitment to them, we should be able to as well.

If you could get married today what would you do?

Start planning a wedding. We’ve taked at length about what we’d want for a wedding, so the second we get the green light, we’re making it happen!

What traditions do you plan to stick with when you do get married? What do you plan to do away with?

Gwen has already changed her surname so that we both have the same surname already wo that’s rather traditional as in future we’d like our family to all have the same surname. Since we don’t know when that will be, we had to take matters into our own hands. Not sure what we’d do away with, but we’re excited to create our own traditons as a couple.

Something fun?

We proposed to each other on the same night, with the same plan of how to do it!

Megan left - Gwen right


This interview was in collaboration with our friends at the Australian Marriage Equality Campaign.

To find out more about their work, visit their website here.

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