Cops raid Bondi Hotel to stop patrons from singing

By James Branson

If a report over at VICE is to be believed, on Sunday evening the NSW Police raided the Bondi Hotel because people were singing.

Yep, singing.

According to reports, up to six police vehicles descended on the venue after a large group started an impromptu karaoke session that peaked with a raucous rendition of DJ Otzi’s “Hey Baby”

Now look, we find the song as annoying as the next person, but come on NSW. I mean, didn’t the whole 15,000 strong Keep Sydney Open protest have any impact?

VICE spoke to Joshua Duffy, who posted about the raid on Facebook:

“We were in the beer garden and this bloke had just driven down from the Gold Coast and wanted to go to karaoke. We said, why don’t we just do it here, and we started singing, (Ben E. King’s) “Stand By Me” at the table, then a couple of other tables joined in, then everyone was singing. People were hugging each other. I’ve never seen the Bondi Hotel like that. It was amazing,” he said.

Apparently security guards objected to the scene of love and happiness so much that they called the fuzz, who quickly descended upon the venue, because they obviously have nothing better to do.

“They came in waving batons in our faces,” said Duffy.

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