Cloudy Rhodes Explores Her Own Queer Narrative In The Excellent ‘Lo Loves You’

By Sam Eacott

With ‘Lo Loves You’ Cloudy Rhodes captures the wild romance of young adolescence with a beautiful queer narrative driven by self lived experiences. Previously Cloudy has spoken about her discontent with how LGBT stories seem fated for tragedy, instead with this short film she’s driving the narrative down a different route, switching classic tropes like unrequited love for a more straight forward exploration of young love.

If you are unfamiliar with Cloudy as a film maker you may know her similarly aesthetically sun-kissed photography or even her time as a pro-surfer. Transcending from surfboard to camera, Rhodes’ new tool and medium is just as sharp and expressive as the last – we caught up with Cloudy Rhodes recently for a quick chat about her process.

How have you found the switch from photography to film making?

Its been a very natural progression. Iv always been interested in the in between moments I guess my film making is just filling in those gaps.

How does Lo Loves You expand upon the themes explored in your photography?

Naturally I am interested in youth culture, first experiences of love and sexuality. Lo gave me the chance to look at those themes in more depth.

Your work has a very distinct aesthetic, how has that developed over time?

My aesthetic is just a depiction of how I see the world, as my experience of the world changes my aesthetic develops with it if that makes sense?

Your work represents themes of love and sexuality, what from your experiences do you think drives that exploration?

My filmmaking is really personal. I draw heavily on personal experience.

What can we expect to see next?

I’m working on my second short at the moment should be out by the end of the year.

You can view more of Cloudy Rhodes’ photography here: @cloudyrhodes

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