Candy Royalle + The Freed Radicals Are Launching Their New Music Video!

By Isabella Cornell

Candy Royalle + The Freed Radicals are preparing to set the stage and screen alight at The Factory Theatre, April 2nd, with the launch of their new epic music video, “Killing Us Softly”.

With the help of emerging French director Emilie Morgane B., the “Killing Us Softly” music video has captured Candy’s powerful message, speaking directly to the times. Taking the bottled and not so bottled angst and anger of the silenced, Candy has created an anthem for those who have lost their voices – whilst hoping many more will question the use of their own.

Candy’s award winning and awe inspiring poetic flow connect perfectly with the work of Emilie Morgane B. (official selectee at Toronto Film Festival and Cannes Festival for her short film,Antipodes for Midnight Poetry), and the driving sounds of The Freed Radicals. Creating something that both confronts and manages to build hope, the message is layered without being overly exclusive in its complexity.

Emma Maye Gibson aka Betty Grumble

Featuring the work of Australian actor Matt Charleston (Two Door Mansion, The 7th Hunt and Grit), the hard-hitting music video will take center stage as Candy Royalle + The Freed Radicals transport the crowd on a high energy, genre blending ride through their festival favourites, with a show that is sure to leave everyone feeling both challenged and championed.

With more bows to her string than a professional archer, Candy is a multi-dimensional and multi-talented artist, with many awards and accolades to her name. As an award winning and outspoken writer and performance artist, Candy uses her powerful creative abilities to challenge, change and question. Merging cinematic storytelling, activism and poetry with Candy’s unique vocal stylings and experimental musical forms, Candy Royalle + The Freed Radicals take on a confronting style, and still ensure the audience are with them on the journey for its entirety.

Between them, Candy Royalle + The Freed Radicals have played just about every festival in the country, and a few abroad too. Described as “an act you remember for years” by festival curators, the act are amassing a dedicated following as they continue to win over hearts and minds with every new creation.

Niveen Abdelatty

The superstar poet Ursula Rucker who wrote and performed with The Roots said, “Candy Royalle is all at once fragile, powerful, raw, sensitive, beautiful, unflinching and honest. She, her spirit and her work, will change you.”

Austin International Poetry Festival Chair stated Candy “…changed the face of poetry in Austin, forever.” Emilie Morgane B has done what few could do with this music video, capturing the pure authenticity and strong, clear message of Candy Royalle + The Freed Radicals. More than just a witness, you are forced to feel the anger rise – in a way that may even propel you to change something, anything.

The April 2nd show at the Factory Theatre is set to be an intimate night of imagination and emergence that promises to take the audience on a ride like no other. Tickets are limited, so don’t miss out, or you may just end up watching the music video on an endless loop, wondering what may have been.

Get your tickets here.

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