By James Branson

I read a lot of everything. From PornHub’s super-interesting Insights page to Queer-rights blogs to right-wing libertarian sites and everything else in between.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this excellent discussion on the website Foreign Policy, between Australian trans model Andreja Pejic and Jim Obergefell (if you haven’t heard of Jim, he was the lead plaintiff in the US Supreme Court case that resulted in the US fully legalising same-sex marriage. What a champ).

Pejic was particularly eloquent when discussing the impact one person can have when they let people know about their transition and the story behind their own personal journey:

“And I do think with Transgender people, we can change public opinion. I do believe in people and I feel, I do believe they can overcome their prejudices. However, you know, the problem is bigger than just acceptance. The problem is a lack of jobs in the transgender community. I don’t know about the LGBT community, especially with homelessness, access to medical care, education. But you know, as I said, I think these things are declining for the majority of the population. So, that’s where I think people do need to unite and we need a mass movement.” 

Are we calling her “Our Andreja” yet?

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