By James Branson

Looking for something to do tonight? Check out HUMAN 3.0, an multidisciplinary exhibition that takes a look at what Mardi Gras was, is, and will be.

From 6 February until 6 March, the aMBUSH gallery will be showing a retrospective of every Mardi Gras poster from the past, as well as a view of the future, with posters designed by some of Australia’s foremost artists and creative agencies.

Kieran Bryant

This represents the first time Mardi Gras has formally invited its contemporary audience to participate in creating its vision.

Exhibitions by two photographers – New York-based Nicholas Contrera and Sarah Wong from Amsterdam – explore the lives and identities of their transgender subjects. Contrera’s body of work, entitled Extra Ordinary – Trans Life, depicts nine high-profile transgender New Yorkers whose accomplishments have been instrumental in moving the trans community forward in society.

Sebastian Conti

As a juxtaposition to this, Wong’s delicate and sensitive photo series, Inside Out: Portraits of Cross-Gender Children, captures the ‘inner essence’ of transgender children. Her work seeks to empower them as they explore their humanity.

Also showcased as part of HUMAN 3.0 is the work of the newly formed artist-run collective HAARD (Homo Art and Recreation Division). These Sydney-based young gay male artists will exhibit the multidisciplinary works of eight members, including visual artists, filmmakers and sculptors. HAARD’s exhibition will present the diversity of creativity within the gay community.

It opens at 6pm tonight. GO!

HUMAN 3.0 is a free exhibition and will be open to the public from Saturday 6 February to Sunday 6 March, 12-8pm.

Visit for more information, and look for aMBUSH Gallery on Facebook and Instagram for exhibition updates.

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